2023 VMA Pentathlon Championships Registration

2023 VMA Pentathlon Championships. 19 February 2023 . Lakeside stadium Albert Park

Organiser: Victorian Masters Athletics (VMA)

  • All meet enquiries - Rob Mayston : president@vicmastersaths.org.au 0437 487 277

Registrations close 14 February 2023 23:59:00 (Australia/Melbourne) .

NOTE: A processing fee will be added of $0.50 plus 2.75% for Australian issued credit cards OR 3.95% for overseas cards.

Visit the 2023 VMA Pentathlon Championships site

Event entry general Information

  • Location: Melbourne’s premier athletics’ venue Lakeside Stadium which is just a 10 minute tram ride from the Melbourne CBD.
  • Event is open to all athletes aged 30 years and over. Competition is in 5 year age groups for women & men, starting at ages 30-34.
  • The cost of entry to the event is $20, which covers all five Pentathlon events.
  • Interstate and overseas athletes are also welcome to enter “by invitation”.
  • For any athlete who is not affiliated with a Masters Athletics body, $10 is added to the cost of entry which gives them affiliation with Victorian Masters Athletics for the 2022/23 competition season (which also provides the affiliation required access to a number of other VMA, AMA & WMA organised events in 2023) .
  • Medal placings for top three placegetters in each age group to all Victorian athletes. Likewise, medals also to be awarded to athletes competing “by invitation”.
  • Entrants required to enter estimated time/distance/height for events.
  • NEW FEATURE: For Victorian athletes a team competition will be based mostly on participation and not just being an event placegetter. Teams will be awarded points for: (i) entering events (ii) performance against their estimated performance (iii) performance, based on age grading. There will be prizes/awards for the top teams across several categories. Refer to the event website for the list of teams currently available for athletes to participate in. There is a possibility new teams might be added.
  • If you are a Victorian but not already part of a team / venue, and would like to be, please get in touch with contact person below and they can facilitate your linking up with one of the teams.
  • With this event being one of the new VMA 2023 Teams Championship, all Victorian athletes are to wear the athletics top of their Masters Venue or if not a member of a Masters Venue, then that of their team or “home track”. The aim is for the VMA top not to be worn unless there is no option for an alternative top.