2024 Victorian Masters Track and Field Championship Registration

2024 Victorian Masters Track and Field Championship. 16 March 2024 - 17 March 2024 . Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Doncaster

Organiser: Victorian Masters Athletics (VMA)

  • All meet enquiries - Ewen Wilson : registrar@vicmastersaths.org.au 0423 424 185

Registrations close 4 March 2024 23:59:00 (Australia/Melbourne) .

NOTE: A processing fee will be added of $0.50 plus 2.85% for Australian issued credit cards OR 4.6% for overseas cards.

Event entry general Information

  • Location: "Tom Kelly" 8/10 lane synthetic Doncaster Athletics Track (Google Maps)
  • Event is open to all athletes aged 30 years and over. Competition is in 5 year age groups for women & men, starting at ages 30-34.
  •  2024 Entry fees are $10 admin (to help cover costs of officials & helpers) then $10 entry fee per event / 5th event free.
  • Interstate and overseas athletes are also welcome to enter “by invitation”.
  • Only athletes who are affiliated with a Masters Athletics body are elligible to compete.  Victorian athletes MUST ensure that they are a  current (2024) VMA member  first before entering.  NOTE: the reason for requiring VMA membership for all is that part of membership fees are used to subsidize  the low entry fees for this event.
  • Medal placings for top three place getters in each age group of each event to all Victorian athletes. Likewise, medals also to be awarded to athletes competing “by invitation”
  • Entrants required to enter estimated time/distance/height for events. NOTE: please do this in the correct format, as indicated. 
  • For Victorian athletes there is an additional team competition  based on the "Hub". Scoring will  be based mostly on participation and not just being an event place getter. Teams will be awarded points for: (i) entering events (ii) performance against their estimated performance (iii) performance, based on age grading. Refer to the event website for the list of teams currently available for athletes to participate in. There is a possibility new teams might be added.
  • All Victorian athletes are to wear the (i) athletics top of their Masters Hub or Masters Venue or “home track”; (ii) if an athlete has neither of these then any top of a colour that is close to any of those in (i) will do. NOTE:  The  VMA top is not to be worn. This top is now only worn for National Championships or Interstate events.