Oceania Athletics Invitational 2024 Registration

Oceania Athletics Invitational 2024. 1 June 2024 . HFC Bank Stadium, Suva, Fiji

Organiser: Oceania Athletics

  • Competitions Manager – Oceania Athletics - Tom O’Shaughnessy : competitions@oceaniaathletics.com

Registrations close 9 May 2024 23:59:00 (Australia/Brisbane) .

Visit the Oceania Athletics Invitational 2024 site

Entry form for the Oceania Invitational to be held on June 1st at HFC Bank Stadium, Suva, Fiji.

By confirming and paying the competition fee and has therefore accepted a starting place in a Meeting, and subsequently withdraws for any reason 5 days or less before the Meeting, the athlete cannot compete in a World Rankings Competition (including a Continental Tour or Diamond League meet) for 5 days following the date of the originally accepted Meeting. For the avoidance of doubt, Organisers must not invite an athlete subject to the 5-day period. If an Organiser discovers they have invited such an athlete and are still within the 5-day period, then they must withdraw their invitation.

Entry into the meets will be given priority to those qualified and selected for the Senior Oceania Championships, those qualified Olympic and Paralympic Games, those on the cusp of qualification for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Entries close Thursday 9th May 2024, all athletes will be notified via email of confirmation of entry by Friday 17th May.

Minimum Entry Standard will be required for technical events: Starting heights and Hurdle Heights are:

Triple Jump Take off Board Men11m Board
Triple Jump Take off Board Women9m Board
110m Hurdles Men106.7cm
100m Hurdles Women83.8cm
400m Hurdles Men91.4cm
400m Hurdles Women 76.2cm
Javelin Men800g
Javelin Women600g
Shot Put Men 7.26kg
Shot Put Women4kg
Discus Men 2kg
Discus Women1kg

For full event information please see contact competitions@oceaniaathletics.com