Victorian Masters 30+ Teams Winter Challenge Registration

Victorian Masters 30+ Teams Winter Challenge. 27 August 2023 . Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Doncaster

Organiser: Victorian Masters Athletics (VMA)

  • All meet enquiries - Graham Ford : 0419 361 487

Registrations close 21 August 2023 23:59:00 (Australia/Melbourne) .

NOTE: A processing fee will be added of $0.50 plus 2.75% for Australian issued credit cards OR 3.95% for overseas cards.

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Victorian Masters 30+ Teams Winter Track Challenge

Sunday August 27th 2023

Location: Tom Kelly Athletics Track, 125a George St, Doncaster

Sign in by: half hour before your first event

Start: competition kicks off at 12:00pm (possibility of this being earlier if big uptick in entries)

This is an event of the 2023 VMA Annual Teams Championship

In 2023, the VMA Winter Track Challenge will be a competition between teams of 30+ athletes from various mid-week venues, athletics clubs - and indeed for any VMA member who is aligned with a 30+ team. For the first time the teams competing will be based on the 30+ Teams structure (as used for State Championships, Pentathlon, Winter Distance events). As already seen in all VMA 30+ events so far in 2023, the numbers competing have increased and it is hoped that the same will occur for the "Winter Track Challenge". And so in recognition that there will be more teams competing, in addition to the existing perpetual shield, there will be a further one or two competition category / s - as based on the size of the teams competing. A final announcement on this will be made on close of entries.

The events (in order) are: 60 metres, 600 metres, 800 metres walk, 150 metres, 1 mile, 1600 metres walk, 300 metres, 3000 metres, Medley Relay (800m, 400m, 200m, 200m): Men & Women 180+ & 240+. Events are spaced approximately half an hour apart. Photo-finish timing will be used on the day so it will be possible to set new records.

The event also counts toward the VMA Annual Teams Championship.  This Championship includes all of the VMA’s “marquee” Masters 30+ events over a rolling 12 month period.

To enter you need to be 30+ years of age and be a Masters’ affiliated athlete. Interstate and Overseas athletes who have masters athletics affiliation are able to compete by invitation. Any Victorian athletes who wish to compete but are not currently registered with VMA can join for the special new member rate of$10. New VMA members will join a team of their choosing (note the VMA Secretary will contact any new VMA members to arrange this).

All athletes are to wear their Athletic club or Venue competition tops, as done already for eg. the VMA State Championships and Track & Field Pentathlon. If you don't have either, then just wear a top that has a colour close to one of those. No VMA tops are to be worn as this is a team based competition.

Event entry: $5 for one event, $10 for two events or more, limit of three events per individual, excluding relay.

ENTRIES CLOSE Monday 21 August @ 23:59 pm. No entries will be accepted after the entries close date or on the day.

Key competition rules:

(1) The event is a teams based competition. In contributing to team scores, only one athlete (male and female) per team can score in each event in each age group. Where there are multiple athletes from a team in the same age group, the options are as follows: (i). first, allocate athletes to younger age group/s. Note; having athletes competing in younger age groups allows 30+ teams to maximize the number of age groups they have athletes competing in, thereby increasing their potential to score points. All teams should maximize the no. of age groups they have athletes competing in.  (ii). after (i), next have multiple athletes competing in the same age group. The first placed athlete in an age group will score "placing points" but any others competing in an event in the age group, will all score 1 point. After the close of entries, team managers will be provided with a list of entries for their team and a spreadsheet to fill in their team list. Final team lists must be submitted in time to allow for inclusion in the printed program. Teams will be provided with confirmed entries as they are received on an ongoing basis – allowing for more rapid turn-around of team lists after the close of entries.

(2) Event Scoring (A) for individual events: Scores for placings in events will be allocated according to the number of athletes from each age group competing. If there are 8 or more athletes, scores for placings will be allocated (1st) 9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, with any others (9th onward) also receiving 1 point - as explained above. If there are only 3 athletes, scores for placings will be (1st) 4,2,1 etc. Thus, a higher weighting is given to an athlete winning against more opponents/competition. (B) for relays: 2 relay divisions are provided for both men and women; total 180 years and total 240 years. Each 30+ team can enter one relay team in each age division (so the maximum no. of relay teams that can be entered per 30+ team is 4). The total combined age (on day of competition) of the team members in a relay team must be no less than 180 and 240 years respectively. Relay scores will also vary according to the number of teams competing, except that these events will attract double points. 8 teams – (1st) 18 points,14,12,10, 8, 6, 4, 2.  3 teams – (1st) 8, 4, 2. (C) team scores and overall winning teams. Individual event and relay event points for each 30+ team will be totalled throughout the day and at the conclusion of all events. Athletes breaking a meeting record will score an extra point for their team.

As explained, the best way for a team to maximize the points that they can score is to (i) enter at least one athlete in as many age groups as possible (ii) aim to have four relay teams competing (iii) have as many athletes (total) competing as possible, as every athlete who completes an event will score at least one point. The traditional perpetual trophy is currently held by Doncaster and the bigger teams will compete for this. The medium/smaller teams will compete for new trophy / s.

For enquiries contact: Graham Ford [M]  0419 361 487   [E]