VMA Membership 2024 Registration

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VMA Membership 2024. 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2024 . Victoria, Australia

Organiser: Victorian Masters Athletics (VMA)

  • Registrations Enquiries - Ewen Wilson : registrar@vicmastersaths.org.au 0423 424 185

Registrations close 31 December 2024 23:59:00 (Australia/Melbourne) .

NOTE: A processing fee will be added of $0.50 plus 2.85% for Australian issued credit cards OR 4.6% for overseas cards.

VMA 30+ 2024 membership year registration

Welcome to the new streamlined VMA registration process! This new process is from the same provider we now use for our event registrations (commenced in 2023). There is five years of membership history now loaded in the system which will provide for auto filling of members details which will occur for both membership and event registration.

For any questions / queries regarding VMA (i)  the registration process  (ii) what the VMA  membership entails / what we offer 30+ aged T&F athletes - contact the VMA membership hotline on 0493 724 485. Leave a message and the VMA Membership Officer will be in touch with you.

In addition to a member’s personal details, the registration process also requires the following: -     

(i)    a ‘Hub’ nomination [response required] – see description and list below; and     

(ii)   if applicable, the Mid-week venue (primary one) attended [response , if applicable / optional].

For existing and new members, descriptions of both ‘Hub’ and ‘Mid-week venue’ are provided here: -

‘Hub’. An athlete’s ‘Hub’ identification provides for the following:     (

i)    basis for VMA administrative follow up as required; (note: each ‘Hub’ will also have a co-ordinator),     

(ii)   is required field for “auto-fill” for registration for VMA events (refer above),     

(iii)  who they are aligned with for VMA Championship competition (for those who compete in these events). The VMA Championship runs from May to April, an overview of its events is as follows:May 5km track, 10km track, June 6km/8km Cross Country, July 20km Race Walk, 10km Road Race, August 10 Mile Road Run, Winter Track Challenge, Winter Throws Pentathlon, September Burnley, Half Marathon, 5km Race Walk, January Multi-event Decathlon, February T&F Pentathlon, March ‘The Landy’ (200m, 1km, 400m), VMA State Championships, Throws Pentathlon, April VMA Gift.

(iv)  their digital ‘location’ ID for the new digital timing system that we will start to roll out in this coming season.  

‘Mid-week venue’. VMA’s Mid-week venues are unique to Victoria; no other state in Australia has them. They provide competition in a social and friendly atmosphere. They operate from Sunday to Friday across a number of locations. Mid-week venues will operate in 2024 as they have in 2023.VMA has athletes who are regulars at one or more Mid-week venues but all VMA athletes are encouraged to get along and experience what our Mid-week venues have to offer.  It is also possible to bring friends along as a “come & try”.  On the VMA registration form, an athlete who plans to attend one of VMA’s Mid-week venues selects the one they will attend most often.

A list of the Mid-week venues and the nights they operate is as follows :-

Monday: Casey Cardinia (Casey Mon., Pakenham TBA), Doncaster. 
Tuesday: Collingwood, Croydon, Glen Eira, Eastern Masters (summer). 
Wednesday: Aberfeldie, Geelong, Knox, Mentone, Dandenong-Springvale. 
Thursday: Coburg, East Burwood, Frankston Peninsula. 
Friday: Echuca-Moama (NEW).   
Sunday: Throwers.

Click on this link for Mid-week venue contact details: https://vicmastersaths.org.au/vma-venues2024/

Both of the ‘Hub’ and ‘Mid-week venue’ selections are of an athlete’s choosing. It is also OK to choose a Mid-week venue that is different to their nominated ‘Hub’.

List of ‘Hubs’ Some ‘Hub’s have VMA Mid-week venues operating as part of them.In the list below, Mid-week venues are underlined and marked with a [V]. ‘Hubs’ that had < 10 registered members in 2023 are marked with a ‘#’. 

Suburban  Regional
Aberfeldie [V] / EssendonMelbourne University [#] Albury Wodonga [#]
Box Hill Mentone [V]Ballarat
Casey Cardinia [V] Mornington Bendigo
Collingwood [V] East Burwood [V] / NunawadingEchuca Moama [V] 
Coburg [V]Richmond [#] Geelong [V]  
Croydon   [V] Sandringham [#] Shepparton [#] 
Diamond ValleyDandenong Springvale [V] South Coast [#] 
Doncaster [V] St Kevins [#]South West [#]
Eastern Masters [V] Throwers [V] 
Frankston Peninsula [V]Warranwood [#]
Glen Eira [V] / Glenhuntly Waverley [#]
Knox [V]   Western Region [#]
Malvern [#] Williamstown [#]  


 Notes: (1) ‘Hubs’ with < 10 members will be required to either have a plan to get to 10 or instead align themselves with other ‘Hub’/s. It is expected that the list of ‘Hubs’ will evolve over time based on athletes’ preferences ;(2) “hot of the press”; Casey will be renamed Casey Cardinia following the opening of a new athletics track at Pakenham in the shire of Cardinia. 

The VMA financial year is from 1/1/2024 to 31/12/2024

Fees are due and payable prior to the start of the financial year.From the 1st January 2024 there is an increase in membership rates of $5 as a result of increase in costs for example insurance.    VMA offers a discount when two or more registering members reside at the same address. In this case, the first registering member should select the appropriate 'First member...' option and the remaining registering member should select the appropriate 'Second member..' option.

 Payment priorto 1/1/24Paymentfrom 1/1/24
New member (1st time with VMA)$10$15
2nd year member with the VMA$20$35
Individual renewing member$35$50
First member of two residing at the same address$35$50
Second member of two residing at the same address$20$35
Life membersFreeFree
Renewing 80+ member (if a member for the previous 5 consecutive years)FreeFree
Volunteer (non competing)FreeFree
Associate member (Under 30)$10$15

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure all compulsory fields are filled, denoted by a * (red asterisk) New members registering between October and December 2023 will become members from the date of registration through to  31 December 2024. Participant questions help VMA to better understand you and provide service to you.



Privacy Statement

Personal information collected by the Association for registration purposes will not be passed to third parties except those sporting bodies with which the association is affiliated for the purposes of registering the member with that body. Any member may at any time check their personal details as held by the Association.