Once someone has made a purchase 2 emails are sent:

  • designated shop manager. [email is a link to manage the order in the site backend]
  • the purchaser

Order Status

When a purchase has been made and payment accepted, the order status will be at processing. [See screenshot below]. Once the order has been finalised and has been mailed to the purchaser or picked up, the status should be changed to Completed and the ‘Save Order’ button clicked.

Image of order for administrator

Overriding shop manager email

On a product by product basis the recipient of the shop manager email can be modified. In the product data section, the bottom tab is Advanced and a field called New Order Recipient [see screenshot below]. If there is an email here it will receive the new order email. Note: This field is optional and if not set the default shop manager will receive new order emails.

Image of setting recipient of shop order email