Want to sell your club merchandise without the hassle of paper forms and handling cash? We can quickly set up an online ecommerce shop for your club where payments are taken by credit card and proceeds regularly transferred to the club bank account. There is no need for a merchant account or related hassles with your bank.

It also doesn’t matter your size. We can help you if you are a small club that sells just a few items to a larger sporting organisation who will sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of uniforms and sporting goods.

What can you sell?

Whatever your club needs. Examples include:

  • uniforms (with colour and size options)
  • merchandise
  • event tickets like award and presentation nights
  • downloadable training materials
  • the club history book in physical or downloadable format


There are no upfront setup or ongoing regular fees. A transaction and processing fee of 50 cents per order plus 2.75% for Australian credit cards or 3.95% for non Australian credit cards of the value of each order covers it all.

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