The most flexible solution. The shipping cost is based on 1 or more rules using:

  • the weight of order items and / or
  • the value of the order

To configure:

  1. In shipping zones, click edit under the name of the zone
  2. Add shipping method
  3. Choose ‘Weight Based Shipping’
  4. Click ‘add shipping method’
  5. Next page click edit under ‘Weight Based Shipping’
  6. Next page click ‘Add shipping rules’
  7. Add new
  8. Set up rule details
    1. Naming for internal and customer
    2. Conditions so the rule is used for a range of weight or order total
    3. Charges which can have a base cost and / or per kg charge
    4. Optional modifier to limit the calculated charge
    5. Click Close
  9. Repeat for number of rules required
  10. Click save changes
Add weight based shipping method
Image of setting shipping title
Image of calculating weight based shipping cost

A range of weight based rules with fixed cost at each size range could look like the image below.

Shipping rules list