Recently EML Sports was contacted by Masters Athletics Western Australia (MAWA) over their site being incredibly slow and a lack of support from the web host whose ownership had recently changed.

After working through their current usage and future plans we quickly developed a new site that met their goals with a few bonuses:

  • A new local (Perth) web host chosen
  • Underlying CMS (WordPress) and plugins updated
  • All existing content migrated
  • New mobile friendly theme based on the existing look
  • Site on https for improved security
  • ‘all that and yet it is cheaper’ in the words of their treasurer.

It is always a pleasure to work with clubs like MAWA with a proactive committee who are very active for their membership and it shows in strong membership numbers. This new website setup should server them well for a number of years to come.

EML Sports can help your club with a new website, or redevelop your existing one.

MAWA site migrated and mobile friendly
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