lists of names
lists of names

A new feature has been implemented in our meet registration system, and that is the display of meet registration lists being available to the public. This is an optional feature by meet and by default is set at off for now.

So Why?

We are pretty careful about new features we add to our systems and always prefer simple over complicated. So why add this? In 2 recent meets we have had athletes who have entered for the same meet twice. In both cases their entries were a couple of months apart and with various state and local competitions they had just lost track. We all make mistakes, so now a quick search can confirm if you have already entered.
In keeping with being simple, the only details listed are name and club/organisation (where relevant). No age groups, no events or fancy ordering. We encourage entering without worrying about who or how many are in my event. You never know what can happen on event day!

Public Meet Registration Lists
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